Happy New Year!

Nathan enjoyed ringing in the new year all snuggled in his crib….with his first tooth!!! He’s been fussy and not sleeping so well, but then he cut his first tooth and slept great.

We enjoyed sparklers before the big show that Mark and Levi put on for us all.

After the fireworks show we said goodnight to my parents and headed upstairs for a slumber party in our room with the kids. This has become a tradition. We put on some movies and then see who makes it to midnight.

When it hit midnight Levi was not interested in waking up. 😄 The babies (Isaac and Nathan) went to bed at their typical time. Mark took a nap through a movie but was up with us for the countdown.

Happy New Year 2019!!!

Christmas 2018

We did our traditional PJ gift on Christmas Eve.

12/24 – In the morning we had neighbors over for an open house and served cinnamon rolls, fruit and coffee.

12/24 – In the evening we had dinner with good friends and then enjoyed ours churches Christmas Eve service in our friends barn.

12/24 – Got home late, kids fell into bed. Mark and I had fun setting out all the stockings and gifts. Notice on the ceiling there’s a little thing dangling….that Levi’s sweet touch of hanging mistletoe as a surprise for me. ❤️

Christmas morning my parents came over at 8am to see the kids wake up to all the fun gifts. First we did stockings upstairs in our room.

Then after a good hour enjoying our stockings, we headed downstairs.

We had a wonderful Christmas. We are always excited to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus, the best gift we could ever receive.

Merry Christmas!

This and that…

Brother love!!!

My lightbulb fixer…

My backseat partner……I don’t usually get to sit next to Ila in the van.

We visited the condo my parents own in downtown Boise. Their renter moved out and it was empty so we took a tour before the new renters move in. Here’s the view off of the deck.

We went with my parents on a Christmas carriage ride through the city.

Here we are waiting for our turn.

The older boys and Mark got happy Christmas haircuts. 😄

Nathan loves napping in his Moses basket and always wakes up so happy!

Sunday afternoon naps are the best!

This and that..

My dad had some female helpers to guide him in birthday shopping for my mom. Don’t worry mom you’re not getting a shop-vac. 😄

Playing Mexican Train with my boys.

Reading with dad.

Enjoying an abundance of oranges. Every child has enjoyed putting an orange on their finger. An inside joke we’ve had for years is “Chickie ate a Booboo.” We say it almost all the time when someone puts an orange on their finger. An orange on your finger is called a booboo because they pretend their finger is hurt and Chickie was a squirrel that visited our apartment often. One day we saw Chickie run down the fence with a booboo in his mouth and sweet little Ila at just 2 years old yelled “Chickie ate a booboo!!!” That’s the story of our inside joke. 😎

Nathan keeps getting more and more fun!!! And more and more vocal. He has so much to say.

I LOVE this Moses basket. Nathan’s the 3rd baby to sleep in it.

Levi loves creating swords and guns. Here he’s using a jigsaw to cut out his latest creation.


Ila loves to dress up her little brothers. Here he was a preacher. 😂

Brothers! Levi lately has been asking to hold Nathan more. I think because Nathan is getting more animated and fun.