Lulu Update

Lulu is doing better and better each day. She tries to go for small walks every hour or so. She can walk the backyard 2-3 times. She gets tired and winded easily but that’s getting better too. This recovery has been very hard. Emotionally and physically hard. The verse that we all keep saying is Proverbs 17:22.

“A joyful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones.”

Dinner on the couch! This is progress! She hasn’t been eating much dinner and for sure not downstairs.

The other night we sat out on the front steps and watched the sun set.

Home sweet home…

These two brothers are enjoying time together. Nathan (7 months) grew up so much these past two weeks!

Our grass was brown when we left for New Jersey and is now green! Levi (9.5) is learning a new job.

Levi LOVES architecture LEGOS. He builds his buildings in Mark’s office while Mark works.

Lulu update. She’s doing really well. Walking unassisted and getting stronger each day. She is restricted for about 6 weeks from bending, lifting or twisting. We are excited to see the sparkle back in her more and more each day.


Last night (3/8/19) at 8:50pm we landed in Boise! Praise God, He got us through a long day of traveling. Lulu did better then expected but it was extremely hard at the same time.

My parents and the boys met us at the airport along with a group of friends! So blessed by all the love and support we’ve received.

This was part of the group. The other people were getting our bags and van from the parking garage.

The two flights were hard on Lulu. We had her medication and the doctors instructions on how to help her even more with extra doses. So being medicated is helpful but also adds a layer of difficulty too. I’m not fond of medication but yet it’s also a blessing. Such a hard balance.

Lulu was escorted by wheelchair through all 3 airports. That helped so much! United Airlines was amazing and everyone went out of their way to help.

Lulu got some fresh Idaho air this morning out on the deck. She’s pretty weak and sore but she’s so happy to be home.

My helper!

Our trip for Lulu’s surgery has taken a lot of planning. So many details have gone into preparation. We bought one way tickets and that is hard not knowing how long to plan for. One thing we decided was that Ila May would join us on this trip. We weren’t sure if it would be the best idea but now going through this we know it was perfect. We wanted her with us to support her sister and have this memory of what they went through together. Ila is always serving and nothing seems to bother her. One thing I didn’t realize was how much help she would be for me. I honestly wouldn’t have wanted to do this without her. I get emotional thinking about the blessing she has been for us on this trip.

My hands were usually full carrying something. Ila was eager to help push the stroller or carry a bag.

She was right by my side and Lulu’s side when we got to see Lulu in the PICU.

I had many tears this week. Mostly at the end of the day after the constant hospital activity/care from all that Lulu had going on in the PICU. We would get to our hotel and just crash. Ila would be my snuggle buddy and hug me. She knew I needed many hugs. It was a sweet blessing!

Ila’s love for her sister was in abundance this week. Ila saw her sister’s struggles and was right there supporting her.

Not only did she support Lulu, she gave this sweet little girl across in the next wing smiles and waves. The pediatric floor windows were what we looked at this week and Ila kept one little girl happy for a bit.

My girls!! So blessed!